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"Too many families are working hard but struggling to get ahead. I want to change that by investing in families first!

- Joy Gibson



"I believe women in government add compassion, resilience and balance to the political process so that our communities and families thrive."


I am running because our families are no longer secure. Unstable jobs, high healthcare costs and lack of sufficient retirement savings are bankrupting us! Teachers deserve more resources for their classrooms and their families. College students deserve resources and less debt! I will demand that our state government put our families first on the agenda and in the budget.


Family values do not belong to a party.


Family values are not party based. Political issues and party issues do not put food on the table or pay doctor bills, prescriptions, childcare, college tuition or mortgages. 


We’ve had enough!  





I know this is possible! My parents raised 9 children on one income with affordable health care, owned their home and were able to retire with security and dignity. Because my mother was able to decide to leave her job to give us a strong support system at home, my siblings and I were able to go to college or learn a trade that helped us get ahead in life.


Now is the time to prioritize family values over political values and demand the financial security that our families deserve.





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Tampa, Florida 33647 
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